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Bre Ellis

I’m Breann Ellis and began showing in juniors at 4yrs in the Pee wee classes. My first junior’s dog was Pyro, a rescue who found his forever home with me. My mom was able to track down his original owners who signed his papers over to us. I also showed Pyro in the Altered program for a short time. My second dog was Checkers a birthday wish granted thanks to Leida Jones.  In addition to Juniors, Checkers and I competed in Confirmation and Herding. I lost Checkers unexpectedly and my heart was broken. I first I did not want another dog, Checkers could not be replaced, but then I realized how lonely I was and decided it was time for a new friend. My mom checked local breeders for puppies but none had any at that time. We thought it would be a while before I would have a new friend but Melanie Magamoll mentioned seeing a litter video posted on line by Terry Dickey. I looked at the video and immediately felt a connection with a blue merle ball of fur bouncing in the video. I told my mom there’s Checkers and I want that puppy. Originally I wanted my new puppy to compete with but if this was a pet puppy I did not care, my Checker’s pull was too strong. Mom contacted Terry and turned out this was a male and was show quality. Mom send a deposit and I had to wait way too long before I could bring him home. Terry was kind enough to send frequent videos so I could watch my boy grow. Once I had him home, I was back at it again training Coda for Breed and Juniors. When he was old enough I started training him on herding. Coda just turned 3 years and through the ASCA Coda is recognized with his WTCH (Working Trial Champion) and has all his majors in confirmation. We’re still working on our AKC breed wins but hopeful we can turn this around in the future.  I hope to begin competing in AKC herding this fall as well as in other performance venues. Recently I have also been assisting professional handlers when possible and gaining lots of knowledge. Coda and I have had great times and many successes. We could not have gotten this far without lots of support and encouragement from our doggy friend. Coda is my best buddy and we hope for lots of more good times in our future.

Lindsey started showing in Junior Showmanship at 7 years old in the pee-wee competition in ASCA and the Breed ring in AKC.  The first time she was old enough to step into the AKC Juniors ring at 10 she won her class and was hooked ever since! Her first Juniors dog was "Amber", the sweetest and most patient Aussie that her family got from Janice Brough. She also showed Goldens, Min Pins, Dobermans, Poodles, and Portuguese Water Dogs in Juniors that she co-owned with some wonderful owners and mentors. Once she was old enough to be in the Senior class, it was time to get serious! She showed her heart dog, "Teagan", a black tri Aussie from Juli Wiseman, to great heights. Lindsey was the Number One Australian Shepherd Junior Handler in the US in 2007. That same year she placed Second at the Invitational Westminster Kennel Club in Junior Showmanship in Madison Square Gardens out of 176 Juniors. She also made it to the Top 12 Finals at the Eukanuba National Championship in 2006 out of 152. Lindsey and Teagan also had great success in the Breed ring. They won multiple Group placements including 5 Herding Group 1's and made it to the Top 25 in the country. Through her Juniors Career, Lindsey worked for Kay Palade where we learned how to groom and handle multiple breeds of dogs, specifically Standard Poodles. Kay flew Lindsey all over the world including Paris and Sweden for the World Dog Show and England for Crufts to show Poodles and Chinese Cresteds along side Kay. Now a days Lindsey is a Professional Handler, Australian Shepherd Breeder, and Junior Showmanship Judge! 

Hope Peavy

Hope Peavey started in 4H at the age of 8 and AKC at the age of 13. She has titled 5 dogs in obedience including: beginner novice, novice, grad novice, open, and utility, and even rally. She started junior showmanship at the age of 14 and since then has gotten 7 best juniors and several reserve best juniors. Hope is a team member of Road Runners Obedience Club, sits on multiple advisory committees, member of Australian Shepherd Club of Central Florida, and teaches her local 4H dog class. Hope has competed in the AKC Junior Classic for 3 consecutive years, placing first in novice obedience, third in preferred open obedience, and third in rally advanced. Hope is actively showing in conformation, finishing up a Grand Champion Silver on "Snowy."

Titles achieved by Hope:

Jack: UD, RN, 3rd place in Preferred Open at 2016 AKC Juniors National Obedience Classic
Cori: CD, BN, CGC, 2016 DOCOF High Scoring Junior 
Rocky: BN, RN, CGC, TT, Best In Match at LWHKC Match in February 2017 
Charlie: BN, CD, GN, CDX, RN, RA, CGC, 1st place in Novice at the 2014 AKC Juniors National Obedience Classic, 3rd place in Advanced Rally at the 2016 AKC Juniors National Rally Classic, High Scoring Rally at 2015 Juniors Time To Shine 
Snowy: 6 BOB, 4 Best Juniors, 20 Owner Handled Best of Breeds, 1 Owner Handled Group 1, Owner Handled Group 2, and 2 Group 3.

AKC Junior Showmanship allows for young adults from ages 9 to 18 to develop dog handling skills, learn about good sportsmanship, and learn about purebred dogs and conformation dog shows. Junior Handlers are the future of the sport, and the AKC encourages young people to become responsible dog owners and learn about purebred dogs. The Junior Showmanship program began in the late 1920s with the purpose of introducing young people to dog show competition and developing dog show skills. The first “Children’s Handling” class was held in 1932 at the Westbury Kennel Association show. In 1951 the name was changed from Children’s Handling to Junior Showmanship, and competition expanded to include performance events in 1999.

If you want to participate in Junior Showmanship, first learn more about handling show dogs. Attend a class held by your local kennel club, watch show dog handlers at a conformation dog show, or ask a professional handler at a show for some advice. Then work with your dog and attend some shows!

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